Office for Mac 2011

Award-winning Microsoft Office suite.


Microsoft Surface

Multitouch computer.


iPad Apps



iPhone Apps



Tactile Touchpad

First haptic touchpad.



Text input method for mobile devices.


Microsoft Windows 7 Touchpack

Touch Apps included with Windows 7.

Aleks Oniszczak

Published Papers:
The Tactile Touchpad [CHI]
A significantly higher throughput pointing device is introduced
A Comparison of Three Selection Techniques for Touchpads [CHI]
The Tactile Touchpad significantly betters standard touchpad techniques
Unipad: Single Stroke Text Entry With Language-based Acceleration [NordiChi]
Improving upon mobile text entry
Gyrodrive: Bettering the iPod Clickwheel [Pending]
Two-handed functionality utilizing one hand
A comparison of two input methods for keypads on mobile devices [CHI]
The RollPad mobile phone text entry method is introduced

Rollpad Demo:

Tactile Touchpad Demo:

Published Articles:
The iPhone in Canada & The Cost of Data
Watching YouTube costs $1.25 per second!
Think Outside the Box
A $600 laptop with a broken monitor? Makes sense
Stick to simple technology
Over-engineering taking away our freedom
Carry Big Brother in your pocket
Pondering the use of cellphones as mandatory ID
Wear your tech on your sleeve
Matching your clothing with your gear
Moving software towards the Web
Google is leading the pack in online services
The IPod with every song ever made
Only so much music has ever been recorded
Use pedal power to recharge iPod
Adventures in reducing waste and saving the earth
Forget biotech – the future is quantum
Simultaneous existence of 0 and 1 won't save York
Live in your own cone of silence
Blocking noise is easier than you think
Lay off the kerosene
LED lamps could save up to a million lives per year
Blink and you won’t miss it
Breaking the myth of faster technology
Enough cord to hang yourself with
Even ‘wireless' devices come with wires
Will you win the warranty lottery?
Choose between 6/49, being hit by lightning and getting the extended warranty
Looking for the nature of technology
From hammers to radioactive watches, tech is not all science
Tricked out laptops for everyday needs
Unorthodox accessories could make the most out of laptops
Crimes of the nanopod age
Freud would call it earbud envy
Technology on downward trend
Let's catch up with our past
‘You’re so annoying, 10-4’
What's the point of walkie-talkie phones?
Will your fridge eat up your fingers?
Hybrid appliances make for a cool new world
Knobs make the world go round
Or buttons, the scourge of the digital age
Use the tech, Luke
One day, you too will have to do your part against the evil side of technology, young Jedi
Weave your essays in cloth – almost
Cloth keyboard and handheld PCs make essay writing portable
Keep Hollywood in your backpocket
Watch movies during your long commute to York
Podcasts change the face of radio
Download weird homemade radio shows onto your portable music player
Follow hurricane Katrina on your watch
Also has atomic time and news headlines
Drop the mountain bike and the SUV
The Common Sense Use of Everyday Technology
iPod is one really bad apple
Thinking of buying an iPod Mini? Think again!
Remember when it used to be free?
Water and television used to cost nothing. Yes, that's right. They were free!
The buttons don’t work
Think that door closed button in every elevator actually works? Well, think again!
Austin Powers in Goldconverter
How to make a remote controlled lamp
Stupid camera tricks (don’t try at home)
When is a camera not just a camera?

Two monitors equals twice the fun
Let's do the math
Evolving beyond our bodies
Humans are not androids yet, but it's only a matter of time
It’s the motion of the ocean, baby!
Small is where it's at
Hey DJ, turn up that VCR!
CDs end before parties do
Why won’t my computer shut up?
You can blame Microsoft for the end of the silent age of computing. Thanks a lot, Bill Gates.
Don’t be fooled again by DSS
Quad sound is not just something from the era of bell bottoms, bongs and progressive rock albums
A mall for the gadget inclined
Expand your horizons beyond the Radio Shack
See the light and go wireless
It surrounds us, penetrates us and provides guidance to those who ask
The Mercedes of remote controls
Gadget delivers a cheap and easy way to spice up your TV
Trade in your big TV for the real deal
Is NASA really telling us everything they know about plasma television?
Ultimate TV
No monthly fees!
Get yourself an environmentally friendly e-book reader

Hardware Creations:
A broken Apple Macintosh's new life as an aquarium

Autonomous Robot
Hunts light, follows lines and doesn't fall off tables

Nordichi Finland
Conference in Human Computer Interaction
Graphics Interface Halifax
Conference in Graphics and Human Computer Interaction
CHI Atlanta
Conference in Human Computer Interaction
CHI Los Angeles
Conference in Human Computer Interaction
CHI Pittsburgh
Conference in Human Computer Interaction
CHI Fort Lauderdale
Conference in Human Computer Interaction
UIST Banff
Conference in User Interfaces
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Fundraising charity

I was a "background performer" in some old TV shows and things
A CITY TV camera crew asked me what I thought about lotteries
The Design Game
I won a microwave, luggage and a dining room set on a game show! haha
David Hasselhoff
Mr. Hasselhoff was filming on my street so I introduced myself...
Celebrities: Michael Palin, Penn & Teller, Frank Gorshin, Douglas Coupland, Bill Maher, Jimmy Walker, Corry Doctorow and Roger Ebert
Famous people that were nice enough to stop for a photo