Why connect your PC to your TV

I'm a tinkerer and procrastinator - so, instead of getting a head start on that report due next week, I'd say to myself - "I wonder what my PC would look like on my 36" TV." I also say things like, now would be a good time to convert my old Mac into an aquarium, or that computer mouse would look pretty snazzy if I turned it into a clock. These things sound quite logical and practical to me when the alternative is work that I HAVE to do. I say to myself, I'll get that work done AND have a new Macquarium - so why not. In hindsight, not all of these ideas have panned out. My project to convert my Atari video game system into a wireless transmitting Atari Video game system, although it worked, hasn't been touched since the day it was completed. My mouse clock has run out of batteries and I haven't changed them for over a year and my home-brew Lava Lamp exploded quite violently. On the other hand, the Maquarium has become quite the conversation piece and, to bring us to this article, my PC/TV hybrid is used every day.

What's it good for? Lots!

A DVD player. Now you don't have to buy a DVD player anymore. Or if you already have, now you've got an extra one for the bedroom. Those extra PC features that some DVDs often have? Well, now you can check them out. Afraid your DVD will be obsolete when a new feature comes out? Not to worry, just download the latest DVD player program - and you're good to go.

A VCR. Why use bulky VHS tapes when you can record TV programs to your hard drive - or even CDROM. You don't even need a VCR to rent viseos anymore - because once you've started renting DVDs, there's no turning back.

Web Browser. How cool is it to instantly look up a web site when you hear about something interesting on TV. Or want to settle an argument? Hey, the keyboard's right there - type it in and you're on the way to an answer.

Want a slideshow of pictures from your digital camera - what better place to see them than your big screen TV.

Listening to CDs. Don't just listen to them - listen to them with cool pulsating images that move to the rythm of the song. Have all the track names listed on the screen. What could be better?

MP3s - why use CDs at all. Just copy your collection to your hard drive by converting them to MP3s and you'll be able to hear anything you want with minimum fuss.

Download movies. Some movies may be illegal to download, but if the legalities don't scare you, or you download free content - what could be better than downloading a movie - that may even still be in the theatres - and watch it on your TV - where you don't have to rewind it, pick it up from the video store, bring it back to the video store, and be able to pause to your heart's content!