Unbenounced to the other students, I had a secret...
I Was a Teenage Movie Extra!
And this, my friends, is the story...

Amerika .....CLICK FOR SLIDESHOW..... What's it about? Well, it was made during the cold war and it served as the epitome of exploitative war-mongering hysteria. So it had to be good, right? :) Actually, it was pretty funny - it was about life in the US after a Soviet invasion and takeover. As David Letterman put it "It shows us just how lifeless, drab and depressing the world would be if it were taken over by ABC." :) Little known fact: The textbooks the students carried in the classroom scenes were in fact sex manuals with false covers! It certainly broke the ice among the extras. Another interesting fact: The director asked us if we wore our winter jackets in the classroom. Must have been his first venture outside of Hollywood :) Somewhat interesting fact:I met Kris Kritoferson during the filming - he's shorter than he looks on TV.
The Prodigious Hickey .....CLICK FOR SLIDESHOW..... What's it about? Here's a blurb I found on the net: 1/2" VHS 36-2081 60 min. jh-sh-a Color $9.00 Introduces "The Prodigious Hickey," William Hicks (Zach Galligan). Hicks leads the prestigious Lawrenceville School boys through a series of comedic pranks, which inspire the comraderie of his classmates and incurs the bemused but unhappy ire of the school's headmaster (Edward Herrmann). Adaptation of Owen Joshson's "Saturday Evening Post" story. "The Lawrenceville Stories Series." LEX:FIDEAS (1988) Stephen Baldwin was a jerk. Zach Galligan was a great guy. The catering was amazing.
Steet Legal
Toronto Olympic Bid
Nick of Time
Counterstrike II
Mark Twain and Me
Married To It .....CLICK FOR SLIDESHOW..... One of the WORST movies I've ever had the misfortune to watch. If I weren't looking for the part that I was in, I would have walked out of the theatre - no question. There are some bad movies, like Plan 9 from Outer Space that are so bad that they are funny. Well, the problem here is that it wasn't even bad enough to be funny - it was just bad enough to waste my time! My only worry is that by even mentioning it here on my web page I have lent it some sort of credability. Aside from that, I had fun during the shoots.