Baywatch Guy

That Baywatch guy was filming on my street one day, so I thought - now's my chance to see why he's so famous in Germany! But he was a busy going-places kinda guy, so all I got were these pics...

"Excuse me, did you seen a girl in a red swimsuit go by?"

"No, I haven't - hey, aren't you that guy from the show with the talking car? Glad to meet you!"

"Hey look! I'm with that guy that talks to his car!"


"Hey, that was funny how you said 'Whassup!'"

"Whassup! Ha ha!"

"Hang on, that girl's in trouble!"

You people, why are you just standing there? There's a girl in trouble!"

"Ah, the hell with it."

"I'm going home."

If these images look kinda grainy it's because they're heavily compressed stills taken from my 11 year old Handycam. On a side note - these are actually the last images taken by my trusty old 8mm camcorder before it died a long-overdue death. After hundreds of hours of recording, being thrown into my knapsack and even dropped onto the road, it finally bit the big one. Goodbye Sony TR4!