Mouse Clock

Tick Tock

I stuck a clock into a mouse. Well, it was a bit more involved than that, but that's it in a nutshell. Well, a mouse-shell actually. So now I have a "cordless" clock in the shape of an old Optical Sun Microsystems Mouse. It still has a cord - but I will make the case that it is cordless since it doesn't have to be attached to anything. And I'm not alone in this loose interpreation of "cordless" either - when you buy a CORDLESS phone, what do you find in the box? Cords! That's what. One cord to plug the base station into the phone jack, one cord to plug into an electrica outlet. By my estimation, there are actually TWO cords in a cordless phone, and just one on a normal non-cordless phone - so, a cordless phone actually has MORE cords than a corded phone. So anyway, since we all have no problem accepting this paradox - I maintain my Mouse Clock is also cordless.

Oh yes, and for you collectors out there - note that this was non-functioning mouse destined for the dustbin when I obtained it - so no emails!

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