Wrong T-Shirt

While leafing through some photo albums I made a fascinating discovery: I'm almost always wearing the wrong T-Shirt!

Boating in Muskoka with my Austin T-Shirt.

Grinning in Florence with my Montreal T-Shirt.

Adding to 2000 year old graffiti in Pompeii in my Banff T-Shirt.

Having an (expensive!) Coke on Rodeo Drive in my Paris T-Shirt.

Checking out the Colliseum in Rome in my Toronto T-Shirt.

Annoying Nadia Comaneci at an Austin sporting goods store in my Montreal T-Shirt.

Ottawa in my Sausalito T-Shirt.

At the Tin Tin Store in Brussels in my Kiawah Island T-Shirt.

Remembering the Alamo in San Antonio in my California T-Shirt.

In my old Austin apartment in my Seatle T-Shirt.

Why did everyone want me to give them gondola rides in Venice?

Scenic Bruges in my Toronto T-Shirt again.

Canadian Muffin in London in my Canadian Banff T-Shirt

An American Church in London (wasn't that the name of a movie?) in my Banff T-Shirt again. This is getting confusing!

Manning the booth at Erotica LA.

Oh wait, wrong booth! According to my T-Shirt, I should be manning this booth instead.

I don't see a road. Do you see a road?

Somewhere up north in my Cuba T-Shirt (at Jason's yard sale :)

Juggling at my office in Toronto in my Texas T-Shirt.

Vatican City in my Toronto (Active Surplus) T-Shirt.

This one comes close - I'm in a San Francisco toy store in my Sausalito T-Shirt.

Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) in my Atlanta T-Shirt.

Eating Junk food amongst the starving models of Fashion Cares (in my Fashion Cares T-Shirt of course).

An Internet Cafe in Nice wearing my Montreal T-Shirt.

Last but not least, I'm actually in Vancouver in my Vancouver T-Shirt :)

Note, some of the rejected names for this web page were "Me Me Me Fabulous Me!", "My Boring Travel Pictures" and "The longest web page to load ever!" Wrong T-Shirt struck me as being suitably humble in keeping with my Canadian upbringing ;)