My Fifteen Minutes...
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And now for something completely different Michael Palin...

David Hasslhoff
of Baywatch and Knight Rider fame
was filming on my street one day...

Pen and Aleks.

Aleks and Teller.

Riddle me this.
Who has been on the receiving
end of a Batman POW?

Douglas Coupland in a photo
I snapped of him speaking at a conference
(drinking the coffee I bought him incidentally).

A conferece in LA brought
Clint, Cher and Lucy lookalikes
to the festivities.

Pollitically Incorrect
Bill Maher.

Oooh scary:
Joe Flaherty.

Bob Saget
filming a movie across the street
from my mother's house in Toronto.

OK, you have to be Canadian
to know that Mike Bullard is
Canada's only Talk Show Host

Clear the track for
Eddie Shack!

Hey, it's kid - DYNOMITE!!!
Otherwise known as Jimmy Walker.

The Mayor of Toronto David Miller.

Host of Play and member of Moxie Fruvus Jian Ghomeshi

Tireless Canadian TV Personality Carla Collins.

BoingBoing.Net Blogger and more Corry Doctorow.

Film Critic Roger Ebert.

Has Aleks ever been in a movie?
Well, yes actually. But if you blinked,
you might not have noticed.
See if Aleks missed his calling.